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Meet little Layla.  Proud parents: Sarah & Ken!!!  Once again I’ve had the pleasure of seeing an awesome couple grow into a beautiful family of 3!  I look forward to seeing Layla grow over the years.  Enjoy this little glimpse into their new family!



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So I got to hang with these two handsome dudes just before Christmas.  Yes I know I’ve been very bad in keeping up my blog since Christmas, but there’s been good reason for that.  Which I won’t get into in this post.  I’ll share more soon!  Anyways  these two little brothers were so darn cute.  It’s not often I get to photograph just boys.  Just a couple of weeks after I was there doing the shoot with them their mom gave birth to yet another baby boy!!!  It seems she’s working on a little rugby team…haha!


Helping Hearts

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I’ve heard over the years certain people ask the question… “What is it that gets your heart beating…?”  Well when I received an email from Michelle the other night, explaining all about Helping Hearts and what they’re about and would I want to be a part of something like this… my heart started beating rather hard.  I could hear it even.  I sat there for a moment… and was thinking to myself … Jessica what the heck….why is your heart nearly beating out of your chest!!! I figured this was a good sign.  Helping Hearts is a project created by Michelle Regner and Melissa Knowles.  Their goal was to be able to provide free photography sessions for families with sick children.  The photographers involved are dedicated to donating their time because they believe in sharing the gift of photography with as many families as possible. Especially ones who may not even think of capturing such an emotional time in their lives to cherish forever.

I’m so thrilled to be a part of Helping Hearts.

One More Fall Shoot

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You may wonder why this Fall shoot is just now making it to the blog.  Well this shoot was of Kari and her family.  Kari also being a photographer, knows all too well what it’s like to have hundreds of photos to go through, with children at home needing attention.  With Christmas right around the corner, she graciously let me off the hook on getting these done right away.  She was totally cool with waiting until I was all caught up with the rush of Christmas sessions I had this year!  Thanks Kari!  Enjoy!

Lila Joy

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I’m super excited for some very good friends of ours who just had a beautiful baby girl!  Lila Joy arrived November 25th…a little earlier than planned.  We got to go meet her last weekend and my oh my is she little and cute!  Enjoy these photos…Oh and I couldn’t resist adding in one of my (once little) Jack and Lila together.  It’s funny when I see Jack next to such a new baby, I just can’t believe how huge he looks!  He always seems so small in his Daddy’s arms or next to Emma and Annie, but as you’ll see when he’s next to Lila….well…. he looks like a giant baby!  It’s kinda funny!!!!

I just had to include these next couple photos of her sneezing!

Bless You !!!

More Winter Sessions!!!

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Here are more Winter sessions with some more fun and energetic children but this time we had much warmer temperatures which equates to much happier children.  I hope these photos bring a smile to your face and brighten your day a little.  Maybe they’ll remind you of what it was like to be a kid again and how easy it was to be silly and laugh at nothing!  Let’s try to laugh a little more together!!!  Happy Holidays!

The Relova’s 2010 Family Photo Session

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Rafie & Michelle are another couple that I’ve had the privilege of getting to know over the years of me taking photos.  I’ve been able to watch them grow into a family 3 and quite honestly love it when I get to hang out with them.  They rock!!!!